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Skookum – A Chinook term generally meaning “something good”

Well, never a dull moment around here. I had a somewhat interesting post planned with photos I had taken the other day, but after four hours of trying to upload even a single photo, I decided to punt. Lesson learned (again) – if all else fails, reboot! I wish I had thought of that four hours ago!

Anyway, I decided to post another Skookum for you, and for me to lighten my mood. This Skookum is about moose – drunken moose, confused moose, and illegal moose. Our first tale is about our drunken moose. You see, moose seem to be attracted in fall to the fermenting fruit that falls from trees. And Alaska, never being short of interesting tales, had its own famous drunken Anchorage moose by the name of Buzzwinkle. Buzzwinkle was a moose who had lived for years in downtown Anchorage and was known by the locals, especially the business owners. One day, Buzzwinkle ate some rotted fruit from a crabapple tree and got, well, drunk. It was close to the holiday season and Buzzwinkle proceeded to become entangled in some Christmas lights, staggering drunk through town with lights trailing behind him. Here are a few photos, courtesy of the Anchorage Daily News:

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Buzzwinkle, staggering drunk through the streets downtown, with his decidedly “flashy” new look.

Moose can be very curious, even when they’re not drunk. Here is security video, captured at Alaska Regional Hospital in Anchorage, of a young moose actually walking into the hospital! He figures out he’s in the wrong place and quickly exits the way he came – silly moose!


And to round things out, here’s a little bit of moose trivia for you, courtesy the Alaskan Almanac:

“In Fairbanks, it is illegal for a moose to walk on the sidewalk. A pre-World War I ordinance was created because of a local bar owner who liked to get his pet moose drunk. The moose then stumbled around town, annoying the residents. So, if it is illegal for a moose to walk on the sidewalk, the animal could not get into a bar to drink.”

I bet you never knew that! -I certainly didn’t!

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